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USS Stackham

Because Marines and 'Ships go together like sex and chocolate...

USS Stackham - the Stackhouse/Markham Comm
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Welcome to the USS Stackham an LJ community for fans of Stargate: Atlantis' Sgts. Stackhouse and Markham.

Predominantly intended for slashfic featuring our favourite secondaries, this site will hopefully be a centre for the fandom's most tragic OTP (God knows we needed one)!

We would love to see the following:

  • fanfic - even friendship fic;
  • screencaps - because they're so hard to find;
  • icons - share the love;
  • vids - if you can scrape enough footage together;
  • recommendations - because we need to stick together on this;
  • anything else, from links to inteviews with Boyan and Joe or sites connected to the boys to news on whether we'll hear of poor Stack again!

    If anyone wants to make the comm a userpics/icons, banners or promo/shipper buttons, we'd love to have them!

    Very special thanks to exitsign for the fantastic layout.

    If you have any questions, or would like to form an affiliation with uss_stackham please contact your smitten friendly mods alfirin_kirinki or darkmoon711.